Best Turntables Under $100

Victrola Nostalgic Entertainment Center

The Victrola Nostalgic Entertainment Center is a record player device that allows you to play music through various different mediums. With a classic and luxurious look, it definitely stands out as a music player.

6 in 1 Entertainment


It comes with features that allow you to play your music through CD players, Bluetooth, Cassettes, FM Radio, Aux cable, and headphones!


Bluetooth Capability


The classic looking Victrola Nostalgic comes with Bluetooth compatibility that allows you to conveniently play music through your phone.


Product Specifications


  • Three different speed turntable options for vinyl records
  • Bluetooth technology to connect other devices
  • Built-in compatibility with CD player, Cassettes, and FM Radio
  • Aux cables for connecting devices and headphones
  • Built-in stereo speakers


Customer Reviews


Most reviews on this product were positive, stating that it is a great pick for the price it offers. Other reviews mentioned that the product had issues with the sound quality and other playback options.


All in all, the Victrola Nostalgic Entertainment Center is a unique, classic and old school music player that is found at a decent price. If you are looking to add value to your living room, this is definitely for you!

Audio Technica Turntable


The Audio Technica is an automatic turntable that operates on automatic mode. With high quality design and technology, it makes it possible to play vinyl records easily.

Easy Operation


The Audio Technica device allows you to easily play your records by automatically reading them and returning the arm when the operation ends.

Belt-Drive Design


The turntable is designed in a manner that the belt drive is isolated from the platter, this increases the quality of the audio.

Product Specifications


  • Complete automatic operation at 3 W and 120 V supply requirement.
  • Double speed turntable options
  • DC servo-controlled motor for the arm
  • Built-in phono pre-amplifier with cables that connects to audio systems

Customers Reviews


Majority of the reviews about this product are positive. Users state that the Audio Technica turntable is  worth every penny. It came with protective items like a slip mat and a dust cover. It was all about plug and play.


The Audio Technica is known to be one of the best turntables for a price under $100. It is easy to use and has high quality sound production. We definitely recommend this product if you are looking for a turntable!

JORLAI Wooden Retro Turntable


The JORLIA turntable is a record playing device that adds a nostalgic and classic look to your environment. Made out of wood and powered by technology, the JORLAI player allows for both recording and playing.


Vinyl to MP3 Recording


The JORLIA turntable has the option to convert vinyl record to mp3 file versions through recording options.




The design of the JORLAI wooden turntable provides a retro and classic look. It is a light weight and bright product, making it easy to move around.


Product Specifications


  • Three speed turntable that allows for diversity in settings
  • Vinyl to MP3 recording options
  • External audio speakers for playing music
  • Automatic stop options at the end of records

Customer Reviews


The JORLAI turntable is popularly known to be a great pick for its price. Customers have loved the classic and retro vibe that it gives off. Certain reviewers were unhappy with the sound and the bass and said that they did not believe it was worth the money. However, most thought the product was a good fit.


The JORLAI turntable may have its negatives. However, if you wish to burn a good-looking turntable for a low cost, then this is your best bet.

Sony Stereo Turntable


The Sony Stereo is a modern turntable that helps you convert your vinyl records to newer audio formats. It allows for convenient conversion through the USB ports and it ensures sound quality.


Automatic Operation


The Sony Stereo Turntable allows for automatic operation which ensures that your tonearm stops when the records reaches an end. This allows for record safety and power efficiency.

USB Ports


The turntable is equipped with USB audio output through which you can directly export your records to MP3 formats on the USB which can then be played on your computer.


Product Specifications


  • Complete automatic operation
  • Balancing tonearm
  • Belt drive system
  • USB port for audio output


Customer Reviews


Most reviewers stated that the product was perfect and worked like a charm. Certain people shared their experience stating that there is an unnecessary number of buttons on the turntable. Overall, most customers found the product to be a good pick for the given price.


The Sony Stereo Turntable is a unique converter of vinyl records to MP3 format in a convenient manner. If you are looking for an easy way around this process, this product would be a good fit for you.

Crosley Cruiser Portable Turntable


The Crosley Cruiser Portable Turntable is a device that is used to play musical records on the go. It has a unique style to it through its portable features that make it stand out.




The Crosley Turntable comes in a convenient and user-friendly briefcase which makes it easy to carry around and use.


Bluetooth Receiver


The device is also equipped with a Bluetooth receiving system that allows music to be played wirelessly.

Product Specifications


  • Available under the unique 40th anniversary theme of Star Wars
  • Built in Bluetooth receiving system that allows for wireless streaming
  • Adjustable pitch control methods
  • 3 different turntable speeds
  • Stereo speakers and external headphone jacks


Customer Reviews


Most users found this product to be convenient, useful, and exciting. It added value to their lives and made the process of playing music easier for them. A certain number of users experienced trouble with the device as it malfunctioned.


The Crosley Turntable is a unique music playback device like no other. With the Star Wars theme, low cost, and great features, it makes for a product that is worth every cent you spend on it.