Best turntables under $50

The Victrola Vintage Suitcase Turntable

Our iPods and mp3 players may be convenient and trendy, but there’s always room for nostalgic improvement. Those who have listened to old records know that the quality of that sound is on a level unmatched by digital tracks. This is just why something like this Victrola Vintage Turntable in a suitcase is such a necessity for music lovers today.

This suitcase turntable is available in a wide range of striking, funky colors. These include turquoise, pink, black, and white. In fact, you may even be able to find one with the American or UK flag printed on it. If you’re a military man, you may appreciate the camouflage print.

Apart from colors, this turntable is made great by no less than three speed settings. This allows one to vary up the experience of music and make it all the more fun. It further comes with inbuilt speakers so that you can enjoy your tracks from any corner of your house.

Customer reviews have shown how pleasantly surprised customers were with the high-quality sound from this turntable. There’s even a Bluetooth facility so that the playing could be absolutely wireless. So don’t wait any longer; place your order and take your high-quality music with you in a tidy little suitcase!

The 1byone Mini Stereo Turntable

Having a turntable in the house may seem like going back in time. However, true music lovers know just what vinyl records have that digital music doesn’t. Now, anyone can experience that same delight with this belt-driven 1byone turntable. With its mini stereo and three playing speeds, this is an inexpensive yet awesome way to get any party going!

The built-in speakers promise that you’d be hearing the music without any straining. You could even indulge in the option of vinyl to mp3. If you want to play something from a USB or using your Bluetooth, this turntable is all ready for it.

Customers have also raved about how they can use this nifty little gadget for private listening using the convenient headphone jack. They are also appreciating the pitch control, RCA output, adjustable settings, and the overall versatility of this turntable.

All in all, this device is a must-have if you love music and want to experience every nuance and level of it. Get this into your life, and you’d be getting everything you need from music and much more! What’s more, this turntable is small enough to carry to parties, school, and even on long trips.

1byone Stereo Turntable

Having a turntable may be on the wish list of several vintage music lovers. However, it isn’t usually the most compact of possessions. It can take up a whole lot of space, which isn’t very convenient in everyday life.

This is just where the 1byone Stereo Turntable comes in. This is by far one of the smallest turntables in the market during this modern age. It would definitely give some old-timers a shock! They should have nothing to worry about though, as this nifty device has several great features packed inside of it.

When you’re the proud owner of this turntable, you can be sure of getting mp3 audio from your vinyls. There are also some really powerful inbuilt speakers, the option to play tracks from a USB, and several settings for the best pitch control possible. You can even enjoy the usual modern 3-speed facility when you’re blasting your favorite tracks with this 1byone.

With this compactness and usefulness, it’s not surprising that many customers have praised it to the skies. They can now play their whole collection in several formats. It’s no wonder that this brand has millions of customers. The satisfaction they get, of course, is uncountable.